I-SKY GREEN is an innovative global company, providing comprehensive, integrated, multi-dimensional solutions in the fields of Water Purification, Solar Energy, and Waste Management.

I-SKY GREEN’s multidisciplinary team keeps abreast of and is continually assessing the latest developments in their fields of expertise in order to ensure that they can tailor the most effective and efficient solutions for clients.

As a world leader in its expertise, I-SKY GREEN invests in new technological processes and follows world best standards of environmental protection of waste resources for obtaining alternative energy.

I-SKY GREEN is also a financial consultancy division facilitates and financing leveraging with expertise and contacts to introduce companies from start- ups to market leaders: to strategic investors including venture capital, private equity, and other entrepreneurs.

We provide the online platform to connect entrepreneurs with investors, facilitating growth and deal flow within our areas of expertise.

I-SKY GREEN has the know-how to advise companies seeking sustainable and fully-integrated solutions, products, and services; from solution definition to post-sales support.

I-SKY GREEN takes pride in its ability to work under tight schedules and deadlines, while delivering complete, successful turn-key solutions.

One Company – Comprehensive Solutions

Why us?

Cost Efficiency and Profitability

I-SKY GREEN’s emphasis on a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that are tailored to customer requirements in the areas of Water, Waste, and Energy ensures total client satisfaction. Strict adherence to budgetary constraints and requirements results in high cost efficiency and profitability.

Expertise and Application Know-How

We believe that the combination of a team of experts with outstanding application know-how provides customers with solid solutions at the highest level of innovation.

I-SKY GREEN was founded with leading clear focus on the customer, with an emphasis on the delivery of precise, efficient, and effective solutions that are in line with costumersai??i?? needs and financial resources.

Meeting Global Standards

Specializing in Waste, Water, and Energy solutions; we meet, and often exceed, the most stringent global standards and regulations while delivering turn-key solutions.

Custom SolutionsAi??

With a global presence, I-SKY GREENai??i??s expertise in the practical and effective implementation of Waste, Water and Energy solutions is testament to its know-how and capabilities to effectively customize optimal client solutions from definition to post-sales support.

Mission Statement

To generate our customer’s cost effective, tailor- made, innovative solutions from
recycle, reuse and recover of comprehensive green / eco energy resources.

Our Vision

To provide our customers cost-efficient, effective, and profitable custom Solar Energy, Water Purification, and Waste Management solutions; all the while contributing to the green economy.