I-SKY GREEN provides a comprehensive range of innovative waste recycling services to government and specialized companies. In fact, we provide solutions that go far beyond simple treatment.

Through expert consultancy and specialist equipment, we increase your recycling and improve your environmental performance and income; ensuring that you are good corporate citizens.

Our comprehensive network cover the globe and we have the capabilities to optimally handle any type of waste irrespective of its location.

I-SKY GREEN through its expert waste management consultancy can help you improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and sharpen your environmental credentials.

So even if youai??i??re using another supplier to handle your waste management, we can still help you identify opportunities and ideas to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve your environmental performance.

Our waste management consultancy services are delivered by a first-rate project team with a range of skills and a wealth of experience in the waste industry.

I-SKY GREEN can help:

  • Ensure legal compliance with environmental legislation
  • Advise on waste handling, storage, and transportation
  • Assist with problematic waste streams
  • Advise on waste reduction and re-use
  • Provide information about the latest waste-management technologies and methods
  • Benchmark the performance of your current waste management company